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10 ways you know you have made it as a Blogger

24 February 2010 16 Comments

1. You get hundreds of emails a day

As far as I can tell the successful echelon of bloggers all have this in common. Us mere mortals wanting and begging for their help, advice, traffic, business and wasting their time with our petty request. So if you are getting hundreds of emails (excluding spam) its a fair sign that you have made it.

2. You don’t have to write any content

Similar to the first point, one of the sure signs you have made it is if you get inundated with people wanting to write guest post for your site. Not having to write content whilst still posting extremely high quality material on your site must be satisfying particularly since you still receive all the proceeds of your site. I would imagine this to be bloggers version of early retirement.

3. Your bank balance is greater than 0

If you are making a profit than you are already beating 90% of bloggers out there. I guess you have truly made it as a blogger is when you blog for a living as opposed to a hobby.

4. You have advertisers not adsense

Even if you are making a profit you cant really claim to have truly made it if you are profiting from adsense. Real bloggers have direct advertisers committing a certain amount of funds a month who approach them.

5. People know your name first, your blog second. (Exemption: blog owners who use their name as their URL)

When people refer to you or your blog and they use your name first you know you have made it. For example, when people start to refer to this site as Adam Divers blog instead of Scribble Scratch than I have made it as a blogger.

6. You proudly display your feedburner stats

As soon as you show the number of subscribers you have made it. Well maybe not as soon as you show them but as soon as you are proud to show them off. (myself excluded as I am proud to have 40+)

7. People actually buy products you recommend

If you recommend a product to your readers (I mean truly recommend) only to check your affiliate stats to see you have 0 sales from 100 visitors, I’m afraid you still have a long way to go. A real blogger is trusted by their readers and making sales becomes far simpler.

8. People link to your work as an industry resource

You know you have made it when your content is used as a resource and people link to it instead of writing their own. You have definitely made it if people are too afraid to disagree with your opinions in the fear of looking ignorant.

9. Your traffic stats include more than one unique visitor

If your traffic fluctuates depending on how often you visit your site then its safe to assume that you have not made it as a blogger.

10. You have received an email from me

If you are getting emails from me in an attempt to build an online relationship with you, then you must be doing well. I am a web leach trying to steal some of your credibility for my own selfish purposes.

So there you are guys 10 sure signs you have made it as a blogger. Print that out and stick it next to your computer so that you can work towards these illustrious goals.


  • Kalliste said:

    I proudly put my feedburner logo up and only had 6 subscribers heh… I think I have a ways to go :)


  • jason said:

    great post – maybe we will be there one day!


  • Desarae Veit said:

    So.. why aren’t your stats proudly displayed in huge letters?


    Adam Diver Reply:

    That is a whole another story. I will get them back up soon :)


  • Elizabeth Kaylene said:

    Bloggers shouldn’t care about “making it.” Blogging should be fun, first and foremost. Who cares how many subscribers you have? As long as I’m having fun and having great conversations with interesting people, I don’t care.


    Adam Diver Reply:

    Too true, but I will add if you have no subscibers or visitors it may be difficult to have great conversations with interesting people.


  • Karasuda satilik said:

    My balance is greater than $10. I think I am almost there:)


    Adam Diver Reply:

    Wow may need to hit you up with a loan from your immense wealth. :)


  • Wealth Education said:

    Only Adsense dared to advertise on my blog :(


    Adam Diver Reply:

    Well you are still doing better than most.


  • Cameron Kelly said:

    i always use feedburner to syndicate my blog posts to other subscribers.”.;


  • Rain Jacket said:

    i always syndicate feeds on my subcribers and of course feedburner is definitely a great help :*;


  • Morgan said:

    Well, hmm. I have NOT made it!


  • ipad skins said:

    I always love to use feedburner. I have got lots of followers through feedburner. I syndicate my blog posts to other subscribers.


  • TaoLiu said:

    Too true, but I will add if you have no subscibers or visitors it may be difficult to have great conversations with interesting people.


  • John said:

    thank you for information :)


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