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3 tips to make your point the right way

1 April 2010 2 Comments

One of my greatest pitfalls as a blogger was the lack of confidence and conviction when exclaiming something to my readers. I always felt I was knowledgeable in many areas of life sport, blogging, politics but was never an expert in any. Subsequently my articles suffered as I would splutter my way mounting an argument and then counter arguing my own point, effectively sitting on the fence and my post was merely a commentary on a topic as opposed to a solution or answer.

Fake it until you make it is very apt when it comes to blogging. Particularly in my case when I am blogging about blogging. Only one way to get experience in this industry and that is to blog. So to avoid the proverbial splinters from sitting on the fence too long here are some tips to give you more confidence in your writing.

  • Whatever point you make, fight for it and stick to it.
  • There will always be nay-Sayers and people who don’t agree with you. You don’t write your post for them, you write your post for people who don’t know much about the topic or who would like to see your perspective on a topic. Constantly undermining your own point with counter-points, other arguments or possible flaws destroys your article and provides no value to the reader. Obviously if you are writing a post on straight-up facts and are proven to be wrong then fighting for your (wrong) point just makes you look silly.

  • If unsure, Make Sure
  • If you are writing on a topic and not certain about the point you are putting across then its time to research. If you don’t want to research then don’t bother writing a post because no-one cares about an uneducated point of view. If research can not fully substantiate your point then look for other bloggers, people and organizations that share your point of view and use them as reference. Like that english test you did in high school you are never really wrong if you can find sources or evidence to back up your point (but you may be ill-informed).

  • Use logic as much as possible

Ever hear the saying “common sense is not very common”. Our society is becoming far worse when it comes to the use of common sense or logic and as a blogger be sure you don’t follow in this path. Many problems can be avoided and points of views formed just by applying some logic to a problem or topic. Sit back, take a deep breath and work through your point of view logically (which usually involves evidence) and be comfortable that your point will stand up to the logic test.

Following these three steps has given me a new feeling of confidence in my post, displays me in a greater light to my readers and I have had very little criticism or opposing ideas because it follows a logical sequence. So if you suffer from low-confidence be sure to work on it post-haste or be doomed to mediocrity.


  • Amy Cameron said:

    I have been in similar situations before. (Well, any blogger must have encountered this.) There are really posts that require a lot of research. Your readers would sometimes ask you if you could write about a particular topic. Of course, we bloggers, wouldn’t want to disappoint them. So we write the topic, anyway. Be confident that your post will sound certain as long as you have researched on the topic well. And write confidently, too!

    Amy Cameron
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  • ankara temizlik said:

    Thanks admin nice post


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