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5 ways to think of new post ideas you probably haven’t heard of

21 February 2010 2 Comments

As a blogger of any niche one of the most difficult tasks can often be trying to find ideas for new posts. It has been discussed many times in numerous blogs but its generally the same advice; write list, top tens, resources, interviews etc. However I thought I will throw my own 2 cents in with some more unique ideas that will will not only provide ideas, but great ones for your new post.

1. Post Reviews

We all know of reviews and have probably heard a hundred times to do a website, business or product review when you can’t think of anything to write about. But something I often do is an post review. This isn’t “the post was good because…” or anything as trivial and pointless as that. Its probably best to review a post of the most respected bloggers in your niche as this will have the side effect of linking to quality content and building a relationship with important bloggers. Every post on the Internet, no matter how well its written and how extensive it is will raise further questions in the minds of the readers.

Let me give you an example. Say a blogger writes a post about 10 tips to help you improve something. Generally the detail is fairly light in these type of posts. So its a safe bet that the readers will think of some if not all of the following questions:

  • Are there any more tips that can help?
  • Which tips are the most important?
  • How exactly can I implement some of these tips?
  • Why, do these tips help me improve?
  • What does the blogger know that makes these tips valid?
  • I could keep adding more questions but I think you get the point.

So if you read a quality post you can simply brainstorm the questions it raises in your own mind, then write a post answering these question. Be sure you include a link to the post to give your post some context. Easy, quality content that builds a relationship with a respected blogger, you can’t do much better than that.

2. News

When I say news I am not referring to just your industry specific news. That is an obvious source of new content where you can simply republish news that is related to your niche. I am speaking of the more generic prime-time variety of news. Whilst it may not be completely relevant to your niche it only requires a small amount of imagination to make a connection. In my case I could make the following post from the news at the moment:

  • The war in the middle east = the search engine wars
  • The dog that went missing and was found years later = finding old content and re purposing it.
  • The winter Olympics = achieving gold with your blog (or another 100 possible post)

Its not hard to think of heaps of ideas this way. Personally I like to include the prelude to the post when writing it, it gives more context to your post and helps your readers relate to what you are proposing.

3. Ebooks

Most of the best bloggers offer a free ebook as bait to subscribe to their site. These ebooks are usually unbelievably good and packed full of useful information and tips. However they are also very lengthy and as such much of the incredible information gets largely unseen. Normally when I read an ebook, I have notepad open and jot down points that interest or can help me as I go along. Remembering 20 key-point and messages is far easier and more effective then remembering 200 pages of content. But for the purpose of this post you should use this same tactic to find plenty of great post ideas from one ebook.

Recently I read an ebook on boosting your adsense profits which included really interesting and useful passages including adsense mistakes, best adsense blocks, and the growth of video ads. In future I may re-write and add to these passages to create new post for this blog which my readers will appreciate. Of course its important to give credit to the original author and try not to just copy and paste the information you want to maintain your voice throughout all your post and give your particular perspective on the information.

4. Your Life

Similar to using news for post in your blog, you should not underestimate how interesting your life actually is. If you have kids they are an unbelievable source of information as you watch them learning the world that surrounds them. But kids are not the only ones who learn something new every day. The benefit of this type of writing is that you also get to tell your readers a little bit more about yourself and build trust with them as they begin to know you the person, not just you the blogger. This type of trust builds loyalty, repeat traffic and ultimately sales.

Don’t worry I am going to provide you without some examples of this lateral thinking technique. Its only 9:30am as I am writing this and so far its been a fairly inane day for me but I can think of a couple of post ideas still.

  • I woke up late but had luckily organised everything I need for today, last night = How proper organisation allows you to be an effective blogger. I could write a number of tips of how to organise a blogging schedule and the importance of being organised in becoming an effective blogger.
  • I have had to communicate with several older members of our society (which has been difficult) so far today = How to effectively communicate with all your readers not just your clones. I could explain several communication barriers faced by potential readers including using jargon, small text, jokes, and images and explain the negative impact this could have on your readers.

5. Things you would like to learn

Last item on this list may also be the most beneficial for you as an individual. It doesn’t matter how much you know about any subject if you give it some thought, I bet there is hundreds of things you would like to learn about your subject. Well as a blogger its a perfect opportunity to make the effort and learn something new because not only will you grow as a person you will get some great content out of it as well. Once you embark on your learning experience the post takes care of itself. “What I learned about…”, “My experiment on” and “My X Journey” are some simple templates you can use for this type of post.

So you really have no excuse to run out of ideas for post. It takes a little bit of lateral thinking but there is an amazing number of different post you can potentially write if you want to be a little creative. This list only covers the more unique ways to come up with post ideas and does not include the standard list, interviews, resources etc, that you hear every where else. If you consider them as well you have enough ideas for posts to last you a lifetime.

If you have any other unique tips for coming up with post ideas please let everyone know in the comments below. We will all grow as bloggers this way.


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    Terrific work! This is the type of information that should be shared around the web. Shame on the search engines for not positioning this post higher!


  • John said:

    once again thank you very much 😉


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