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“adam, Check These 100 Ways to Increase Your Traffic?”

2 August 2010 One Comment

One of my favorite bloggers, Daniel Scocco from dailyblogtips.com sent me an email with the above subject line. Unfortunately the link Daniel provided was to his new website which is targeted toward new webmasters setting up a website and to be frank, lacks substance. This lackadaisical approach towards a mailing list raises some interesting point for me, Daniel, George W Bush, the Inuits, and anyone else who currently has a mailing list.

1. The email is definitely borderline spam in my opinion. I will concede that it links to one of Daniel’s sites, and that the site is marginally on topic but as far as providing resources that are on par with what you expect when signing up to his list, this email is way off the mark. Granted that I expect plenty of spam from these list anyway it was probably the construction of the email that has most upset me. The list is aimed at the very simplest of webmasters, at the very start of the webmaster journeys with no insight for an experienced webmaster, or a self confessed demigod of the Internet strata that is myself. Simply setting the tone for the article once by adding the word, “new” or “beginner” would have avoided this whole issue and ironically robbed me of something to post about. Well played Mr Scocco.

2. I mentioned the list is simple in both it aim and its substance. It really is not worth sending out an email for, particularly for a new website that is not fully finished. So not only is it off topic for the majority of his list it is also a very blatant attempt at link bait, Stevie wonder could see through it. Essentially Daniel has said, this is some of my best work check it out, and has attached his reputation to something very much below him (I understand the hypocrisy of claiming something as “below” them, being a demi-god of the Internet myself everything is below me, including you). Your representation for quality is like your virginity, once its lost your never getting it back.

However this experience has raised some further points that are definitely worth pondering. Are you now pondering what I am pondering? (“Sure Adam, but how structurally sound would a candy house actually be?) Not that, I am pondering how important it is to treat your list with the utmost respect. I am now at square one again with Daniel where he now has to earn my trust again. Naturally a webmaster would think of a list as an insignificant email, a single digit amongst their massive list of subscribers. It is all too common to tear your list into percentages of openings, clicks and actions. But this depersonalization of an email address may very well be a poor business decision.

This experience is a lesson for me to never forget that behind each email address is a person who I must treat with the utmost respect, being totally honest, and providing information that will be of value to them. A person who loves and reveres me and expects nothing short of perfection and whom will never get anything less. I am there god and that person is a member of my flock, whom i must protect and nourish, and yet at the same time let them grow, prosper and make decisions on their own.

If I may be permitted to direct this post back on topic for a moment, the second thought worthy of further pondering is how it is now apparent to me how pointless list can be (top 100 list, not email list), particularly list on a topic that has been done 100 times before. It would be as absurd and pointless as giving a Nobel peace prize to a newly elected president with little to no foreign policy experience and even less achievements to date at the point of receiving the award. Its utterly pointless and would never happen. So when viewing a top 100 list on a topic done extensively before you would at least hope for some new information. Nope. Well the information provided should give a new view-point, way of implementation. No. And that is the issue with these list when they do provide information they don’t give any substantial information on how to apply it correctly. It is like buying a shelf from Ikea and not getting any assembly instructions, you have the tools and direction to achieve your goal, just no practical idea of how to get there.

We learn two things from this. When writing a list provide some insight on each point or at least a link to further information. And secondly when using a list for information never apply an idea directly from a list, do the necessary research to know and master the technique so that your time and effort is used effectively. I could probably pick any of the 100 tips from Daniel’s post to prove my point but I will stick with the first one.

1. Add a blog to your website. If your website is static (e.g., a corporate site or an online store), consider adding a blog to it, where you’ll write new content regularly. This will give your visitors a reason to come back, and your search engine traffic will increase too. If you need a blog software, check out WordPress (it is free and easy to use).

How ambiguous is that for a tip. He may as well of just said, “get more traffic” and marked it down as an inspirational article that inspires rather than informs. Lets not even mention the fact that Daniel’s main blog has a new post every day on blogging, which he has now summed up this amazing amount of knowledge, tips and advice into a 2 sentence tip (oops looks like I did mention it). It provides no real blue-print to achieving your success other than a link to a blogging platform to use. Other than knowing vaguely about blogging a new webmaster has no new weapons to add to their arsenal and nothing tangible has been gained from their experience. At the very least there should be a link to Daniel’s own website to provide a second step so that the user can “increase traffic to their site” by “adding a blog”.

I have sent off an email to Daniel for a chance to rebut my claims and am hopeful he takes me up on the offer. I have to at least thank him for the insights I have discovered from his innocuous little promotional email and have decided in a manner of goodwill, to let this one little indiscretion slide. After all he usually delivers much higher quality stuff and his blog is worth checking out.

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