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Mix-Tape Madness (The Maestro)

16 August 2010 3 Comments

Like many individuals, the ritual of a coffee in the morning is borderline necessity for me and it is also one that i look forward to each and every day. Now there are many reasons for this, the foremost being that the coffee is excellent and the others largely relating to the attractiveness of the waitresses. The occasional hot customer comes in as well which is yet another perk and this is where the origin of this mix-tape lies.

Now, one of the owner’s of this coffee house has a crush if you will on a lady who comes in frequently.(Did i mention this owner was also female. All the guys reading this just became a whole lot more interested.) Some time ago, the husband and co-owner of the coffee house burnt some CDs for the loyal lady customer. For whatever reason, today as i was sitting there enjoying my latte, she offered to make him a ‘mix-tape’. My ears pricked up immediately at this point because as i think we all know, making someone a ‘mix-tape’ is one classic way of obtaining another’s affection.

My first question when the woman left was – Who did she offer to make the mix-tape for? (As i was unsure who she was speaking to.) The female owner responded by saying – I know right? To which i burst into gales of laughter as she was obviously referring to her husband. So she reiterates by saying to me – My girlfriend is hitting on my husband! The hysterics continued.

The origins of the mix-tape probably date back to the cassette and the ability to record songs individually or as an album from one to another. Putting the time and effort into selecting unique tracks and compiling them for a potential or current boy/girl friend was an excellent way of showing them that you think of them and how you think of them. It is a sure fire way of getting them to think of you as well. After all, who else would you be thinking of when you are listening to the mix that they made you?

I decided that now was an appropriate time to taunt my friend on her facebook wall about the morning’s amusing series of events. From my rather tame jest of – make me a mix-tape baby! – comes the totally unexpected response of – You make me one! Do it! I need some jealous-making stuff!! Lol. WTF?!? How does that work? On what planet do the rules of the mix-tape making process include revenge and jealousy? Despite all the blatant misappropriation of the mix-tape creation, i decided to accept this challenge. The theme of this mix-tape, of all things, was the number 3. I’ll let your collective imaginations ponder upon what that may be referring to. Children may read this so i can’t very well spell it out for you.

So now this is the part of the tale where we are going to analyse the female psyche. Remember, this is creative writing people. I love the ladies and this in no way represents my exact opinions.

What piece of insecurity requires someone to make something out of jealousy in the hope of arousing such emotions in their partner? Is this pettiness personified? Is this going to strengthen their relationship that they have obviously built upon mutual love and trust? Where is the gain in this? What motivates such poisonous actions? Come on girls! Speak up! If you want to retaliate that is fine. Try refusing to cook dinner instead. Don’t drag the reputation of the humble mix-tape through the mud to achieve your subtle goals. Leave the mix-tape out of your malignant squabbling. Nothing good can come of it. Music is to be embraced, shared, loved and enjoyed. Turn that stereo up!!

And by the way, the mix-tape i made was awesome :)


  • Tayla Green said:

    Good post, wasn’t too sure what you were insinuating.
    As a mother, I understand how good a coffee is in the morning.


  • email lookup said:

    It’s interesting that no matter how diverse are people’s reasons for drinking coffee in the morning, some are very common – at least for guys…

    And, interesting mix-tape story…


  • Website Value Calculator said:

    Coffee is my life,my days in complete without coffee.I take my coffee not only in the morning.I love coffee because it loses my stress.


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