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My Fiance, The Computer Killer or Innocent Victim? You Decide

27 January 2010 No Comment

Normally my post do not include my personal life. For one its not that interesting, but for the most part it is irrelevant to the central themes of this blog. However seeming as though this latest issue includes the death of my computer, the very platform from which this blog comes to life I wanted to get your opinions on this most heinous crime.

The Facts

These are the facts and they are not being disputed. I left a cup (plastic) of water on my computer workstation after I had finished using the computer. My fiance later in the day accidentally knocked over the cup in question causing half a litre of water to spill off the workstation straight onto my box. As a result my power supply and video card were destroyed and needed replacement.

The Issue

Who’s fault is this? I am blaming my fiance and she is blaming me. I think its only fair we present our cases and let the readers decide.

My Argument

I was not even in the suburb when the tragedy occurred. How can I be held accountable? If perhaps my hyperactive 2 year old knocked it over I could accept some responsibility because he can hardly be blamed for being 2 years old. But any responsible adult should be fully aware of their surroundings and be careful around important and fragile pieces of equipment such as a computer. In the end the simple fact is that my fiance knocked over the water and killed our computer.

Her Argument

I should of not left a hazardous substance around the computer. She innocently knocked it over because she did not realize it was there. If I had not left the cup there the computer would still be fine.

My Rebuttal

Firstly the cup is bright red. Fairly hard to miss. Secondly if you blame me for leaving the water there than surely you can blame god for creating water in the first place. The argument is ridiculous, you would not blame a car dealer because you crashed the car on the grounds: no car, no crash.

Her Rebuttal

She doesn’t get one. This is my blog and one of the privileges is that I get the last word (I never said this would be a fair case). Besides her argument is totally flawed and I am 99.9% sure that I am right (god I hope she doesn’t read this).

Well I would like to hear your thoughts on this one (particularly if they side with me). Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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