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Sean Earns $130,235 in 6 months!

12 May 2010 3 Comments

Sean is a successful webmaster who has managed to earn $130,235 in just 6 months starting from scratch. Sean is selling his secrets via a $37 (normally $97) video course on warrior forums. You can view the sales page here.


Hi Sean,

I just want to say thankyou for revealing all your secrets that allowed you to earn $130,235 in just six months from scratch. I find it hard to believe that you will let me earn 130K and all I have to do is give you $37. You only have to sell 3519 copies to make your money’s worth and together, us 3519 lucky webmasters will earn 458 million dollars. I can’t believe no one else is tapping this exponential market. I read that you are only going to sell 1,000 copies though and it must mean that the market is only worth 130 million dollars, which is still pretty good.

But I wonder if you realise that you will receive $37,000 for all the hard work of writing, promoting and customer service efforts by selling your ebook. This is just over 1/3 of your income from 6 months work, starting from scratch and one would assume with a 130 million dollar market there is plenty of room for you to grow. Also I noticed you spent time and effort on 3 extra bonuses for people who buy your product because $37 outlay is too much to be earning $260,000 a year. Judging by your video all this extra work has led to heaps of extra stress which has resulted in some binge-eating and poor decision making including using the devil as your inspiration for facial hair style. Perhaps instead of making the videos and providing the bonuses you should spend some of your immense wealth on a dietitian, personal trainer and a stylist. I heard from a guy that personal trainers work miracles and thus you can kill two birds with one stone this way, by improving your fitness and health, as well as some filling up your religous miracle quota.

Anyway you use 5 testimonials from people who must be now as successful as you and I was wondering if you need a 6th person? Particular since the third guy is either on the train, is the train or most likely some sort of transformer from the planet Cybertron. I assume he is an Autobot because you would not hang around the bad guys that the Decepticons are. Even though the other guys don’t have links or any real evidence to being real people or more importantly successful people I take your word that they are, after all there is no reason to lie about $130,235. Most people don’t like to mention how much money they make its one of those funny social conventions, but not you you mention your earnings like 3 times telling it like it is. Bam, there it is in the thread title, BAM again in bold red letter on the header of your page and BAM!! again just after in a screenshot you provide. You go man! Problem is I don’t really have $37 to spend on your videos (even though I understand i will be earning 260K in 12 months) and would prefer too if they could be in ebook format. No offence but staring at a fat guy talking into his camera for 3 hours doesn’t sound all that exciting unless we randomly break out into hot dog eating contest. I reckon you could easily knock down 10 in a couple of minutes which would be an awesome achievement, but you still probably wouldn’t beat that little Japanese guy he can really hoover them down.

Best of luck in your ebook sales and if you need another testimonial just send me a copy of the ebooks.


Adam Diver


  • Anthony Wakefield said:

    Haha! Too true

    This one made me laugh, cheers Adam.



  • DC web design said:

    Come on.. Is this real!


  • Is it too good to be true? | Scribble Scratch said:

    […] I guess this post is to instill a bit more of the cynic in my fellow webmasters. If we can continually ignore the unsubstantiated, the hyperbole and the obviously fraudulent perhaps we will be treated with a better selection of quality material available to us to improve our performance as webmasters. For an example of this stupidity read my post on Sean, who earns $130,000 in 6 months. […]

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