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Top 8 Worse Excuses from a Web Designer for missing a deadline

30 January 2010 One Comment

Just before Christmas I was doing a blog design for a client. The client was a difficult one who seemingly hated to divulge any information. Anyway my fiance went into early labor (6 weeks early) and my son was in intensive care for an indefinite period (turned out to be 2 weeks). As a result of the news I simply couldn’t deal with the client or the project, even if I chose to delay the project I just did not want to think about work at that time. I set up another designer to take over the job and then explained to the client why I couldn’t deliver. When I did this it got me thinking about all the excuses I have been told by designers, programmers and freelancers over the years. Whilst I will concede every now and then (such as my case) the excuse could be valid, unless I am chosen to work with the most unlucky people on the planet I have heard a lot of excuses. So without further ado here are the top 8 worst excuses I have gotten as a client:

8. “We have no power”

Seems like a reasonable excuse to be late on a deadline. However apparently there was no power for 9 days, allowing 3 consecutive deadlines to be missed.

7. “My Grandma was sick”

Family is definitely more important than work. But you will see why this is a bad excuse soon.

6. “My Grandpa was sick”

This is the excuse I got a week after the one above from the same guy. Apparently his family get severely sick at close intervals or his imagination is just plain lacking.

5. “I thought you were going to email further instructions”

I had to look back at our past conversations to see the validity of this one. Unfortunately there was just no more instructions to be given. In fact the last sentence I wrote to them beforehand was “can’t wait to see your progress next time we talk”.

4. “The project is out of my league”

Surely you would be aware of this before accepting the terms of a project. Surely…anyone?

3 “My Internet connection is down”

Very possibly true, but has to be the most overused excuse on the Internet.

2 “I got injured in a fight, because someone was saying that you were not the best client going around”

OK this one never happened but if a designer told me this one I reckon I would let them off.

1 “I was working on another clients project”

Wow, thanks. Not only could you not perform the required work you manage to insult me by suggesting I am less worthy than your other clients.

Let me know some other excuses you have hard in the past. I would love to hear other great excuses and add them to this list.

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  • Brian James said:

    7. “My Grandma was sick”
    this is good..lol…


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